TELUS International Philippines Invites Sitti to Talk on Musical Career

(Originally published on Sunday, July 3, 2011; reprints previous original material published in this section)

Successful bossa nova singer Sitti Navarro shares her life as an artist in a talk organized by TELUS International Philippines’ (TIP) music club at the TELUS office in Market! Market!

The music club is one of TIP’s several special interest groups, part of TIP’s efforts in initiating a “career first culture.” The special interest groups are organized and managed by TIP team members to develop and explore their talents and get to know other members from different departments. Other groups include the photography club, entrepreneurship, gaming, dance, fashion, movie, socio-civic, Magic: The Gathering and cooking clubs.

According to TIP president Javier Infante, providing variety in terms of benefits and potential career paths in the outsourcing industry is something TIP included in its corporate culture early on. “We invest in building a highly differentiated corporate culture that includes strategies that help team members find meaning and have fun at work. We know that work in the industry can be routine. There is high potential for burn-out for call center agents, so we ensure our activities are engaging.”

The music club’s career talk was attended by TIP team members, club and non-club members alike. The activity featured Sitti, the country’s queen of bossa nova who shared her passion for music and gave insightful pointers on how to make it big in the music industry.

“Everyone was excited about the activity,” stated TIP vice president for human resources Cris Rosenthal. “Most of the attendees came from their shifts the night before. You can see the enthusiasm—instead of heading home, they spent a few more hours in the office to listen to Sitti as she shared her experiences.”

Sitti had kind words to say after her talk at TIP which she posted in her Twitter account: “Thank you to the beautiful people of TELUS for having me earlier! I had a fun time and I hope that they all did too. I wanna say I was inspiring but I’m not really sure I was! But I had a great time. Remember, you call center agents are the new heroes of today’s economy!”


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