Jumpstart Your Career with BBM

(Originally published on June 22,  2011; reprints previous original material published in this section)

For fresh graduates, your first job establishes your initial credentials as a worker. You find out in your first job your strengths and weaknesses, what you can further improve, and if your chosen industry is really the one for you. If you make good at it, it will help open up other opportunities.

For BlackBerry users who are just starting out, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) can be one of their most important allies.

Here are some tips in using BBM to be more productive and get ahead at work.

• Expand your BBM network. If you are meeting a fellow BlackBerry user, you can add him or her as a BBM contact to stay in touch. You can easily add new contacts by requesting for the other person’s PIN, e-mail address, or simply scanning the QR barcode that is unique to their device.

• Carry on conversations with your colleagues wherever you are, in real time. Even if you are out on the road or away on a business trip, BBM allows you to keep tabs at the office. The unique status feature of BBM allows you to see when a message has been delivered and read. You can also see when your colleagues are replying or writing a new message. As a way of keeping minutes, you can use the “copy chat” or “e-mail chat” features to keep a record of a conversation for follow up.

• Work on projects with your team, even when apart. You can interact with a group of colleagues all at the same time as if you were together by creating groups on BBM. BBM groups allow you to chat with your colleagues, and share pictures, task lists, and appointments. You can create lists that include information such as due dates,  priority level, status, and even assign tasks to members in the group. It’s an effective way to help everyone stay focus and on track.

• Share photos, videos, and voice notes. Spot an interesting ad or product that inspire a new idea? Capture it using your BlackBerry smartphone and share it with your fellow colleagues over BBM right away. Another great thing about BBM is that unlike SMS, BBM messages travel as data so regardless of the number of BBM messages sent back and forth, it will not give you or your company’s finance department a heart attack. It is an economical and secure real-time smartphone messaging solution for the young professionals who want to get a head start in their careers.

BBM is available across different BlackBerry data plans of the telco providers. You can inquire with your carrier for more informationor visit http://www.blackberry.com/bbm.

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