Tables 1 & 2: National Statistics Office Data on the Workforce, April 2010

(Originally published on Sunday, June 20, 2010)

Data on the unemployed:

Jan 2010 Apr 2010 Difference
Labor force 38.8 M 38.5 M 300,000
Jobless 2.8 M 3.1 M + 300,000
Unemployment rate 7.3% 8%* 0.7%

April 2010 NSO Survey highlights

  • Employment rates: Highest, Zamboanga Peninsula (96.9 percent); lowest, National Capital Region (NCR) (88.2 percent)
  • Unemployment        8.0%
  • Underemployment              17.8%
  • 35.4 million people were employed in April 2010
    • 52.0% Services sector (with the wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods sub-sector comprising the largest sub-sector or 19.4% of all employees).
    • 32.5 %: Agriculture sector (with the agriculture, hunting and forestry sub-sector making up the largest sub-sector with 28.4% of all employees).
    • 15.5%: Industry sector (with the manufacturing sub-sector making up the largest percentage with 8.6% of all employees).
    • Among the various occupation groups, laborers and unskilled workers predominated at 32.2 percent of the total employed persons in April 2010. Farmers, forestry workers and fishermen were the second largest group, accounting for 15.6 percent of the total employed.
    • More than half (54.5%) of the employed persons were wage and salary workers, while more than one-third (33.7%) were own-account workers, and 11.8 percent were unpaid family workers.
    • Among the wage and salary workers, those working for private establishments comprised the largest proportion (40.2% of the total employed).
    • Full-time workers are those who work for 40 hours or more during the reference week while part-time workers work for less than 40 hours. The number of full-time workers in April 2010 was recorded at 21.7 million while the number of part-time workers was 13.0 million in April this year.
    • More males (62.5% of total unemployed) were unemployed than females (37.5%).
    • By age group, for every 10 unemployed persons, five (51.2%) were in the age group 15 to 24 years while three (29.6%) were in the age group 25 to 34 years.
    • By education, 44.5 percent of the unemployed had reached at most high school level while 41.6 percent had attained college level.

(Source:  Income and Employment Statistics Division, Household Statistics Department, National Statistics Office, Manila, Philippines)


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