Biz Maker: The Tale of Two Salespersons (Part 2)

(Originally published on Wednesday, June 9, 2010)


First off, I’d like to thank all of those who visited my blog and commented on Part 1. (For those of you who have not yet read it, please go to I was amazed and happy to read some of the comments that came very, very close to what I will be revealing today, and validated what I believe a True Salesperson should be.

45% of those who commented said they were Yins, 30% said they were Yangs, and 25% were unsure. And out of all the comments, a whopping 91% believed that Yins would outsell the Yangs! And that verdict is absolutely, in my experience, correct. Yangs can move mountains when it comes to selling, but it is the Yins who are the ones who can best influence and maximize the full selling potential of the Yangs. And it is the Yins who have the best chance of closing deals if they so want to.

One comment on my blog says a lot: “I am a Yin but I know that I can beat the Yang… How? By hiring a Yang to sell for me. Hehehe. I am not the type of person willing to develop my weaknesses; (rather, I am) a person who wants to look for a person who can compensate (for them). Regards!” – Julius

That comment is classic Yin thinking and I applaud Julius for his insight. But it is not enough to just hire Yangs, because they can also hire other Yangs to sell for them.

The true power of the Yin is that they can control, correct, influence, and persuade Yangs to be the best they can be. Yins Naturally Control Yangs I want you to picture a thoroughbred champion racehorse, a powerful and magnificent creature. That’s a Yang Salesman.

A champion racehorse can run 55 to 65 kilometers per hour, which is pretty fast. Anyone (with a lot of money) can buy one (hire a Yang salesman), but not everyone can ride one (control a Yang salesman). Only the right jockey can control the racehorse, and typically jockeys are no more than 5’5” in height and weigh no more than 116 pounds. Jockeys look normal in every sense of the word; you might not even notice them most of the time, but they have a great power that allows them to control the racehorse.

Now think of the jockey as the Yin. Without the Yin, a racehorse can run like the wind, but it will not be able to run as efficiently as when the jockey is in control, even with the additional weight. Do you get the picture? Good, let me go a little deeper now, back to salesmanship. You see, not all Yins want to become jockeys.

In other words, not all Yins venture into sales because few Yins think it is possible for them to succeed in it. From the comments coming from Yins on my blog, it is apparent that most Yins think that to be a true salesperson, you need to be a Yang. But I want to let everyone know that there is no need for a transformation, just a little confidence in that you have what it takes as a Yin to possibly be the greatest salesperson ever.

I’d like to add another comment from my blog: “…with perseverance, direction, interest, and positive perception … you can make your goal come true…(It’s) within you…” – Sofia

Great words Sofia, and let me add this truth: All Yins, and only the Yins, have the power to control the Yangs if they wanted to. Can you imagine a racehorse controlling another racehorse, or an outgoing, extroverted person controlling another outgoing extroverted person? In some cases it can work, but experience tells me that in most cases, that relationship will be explosive; in Tagalog, “Kapag pinagsama ang dalawang taong malakas ang dating, sasabog iyan (Put together two strong personalities, and they will explode).”

Now, when it comes down to it, customers naturally like Yins more than Yangs You see, it’s very simple. Yang salespersons have a tendency to repel other Yangs, and if the other Yang happens to be a potential customer, getting a super Yang to close will most likely turn into a contest of who can convince the other. Instead of just closing the deal, a Yang has the tendency to oversell, which is a big no-no in sales.

I have had the privilege of seeing my wife (a super Yin) sell a few times, and she closes 99% of them (fantastic, if you ask me). My wife will admit to anyone though that she is not comfortable doing the selling on her own. But still, she manages to get the customer to buy anyway because of this simple truth: Yins are perceived as ordinary honest folk who do not sell but who give advice and make honest recommendations.

In other words, if a Yin is selling, customers usually let their guard down and are more open to possibilities. And customers are open to what the Yin has to say, 99% of the time they will buy, because Yins will almost always tell the truth. And in the world of selling, truth and honesty are the key to sales success.

So for Yins out there, listen to what I have to say: there is no need to be a great talker, no need to be a great presenter, no need to be a great charmer. There are only two things you have to learn to become possibly the greatest salesperson in the world. One, have confidence in yourself. Two, learn how to close the deal.

Stay tuned for Part 3 where I explain how Yangs can harness the power of the Yins, and teach Yins how to gain more confidence and close the deal. In the meantime, I would love to hear from you regarding this article. Please leave a comment on my blog at

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